• Google Drive Gets New Features
    [January 20, 2016] Google announced a handful of new organizational features. The company bills them as “improvements that will help you more easily put things where they belong.” First off is a new “move” icon for files already in Drive when you’re browsing files. There’s an “Add to My Drive” option for everything else. When you preview files, […]
  • Dropbox Shutting Down Carousel and Mailbox Products Early Next Year
    [December 9, 2015] Dropbox announced on Monday that it is shutting down its Carousel and Mailbox products on March 31st and February 26th respectively. From the sound of it, key features and ideas from these products will be utilized in the Dropbox app. A post on the company blog says: In 2013, we acquired Mailbox because we believed […]
  • Google Cloud Gets Updated With Improved Features
    [November 5, 2015] Google announced the launch of a new user interface for the Cloud Console for Cloud Platform. It features improved navigation, search, and customization features. “Many of you spend a lot of time there, deploying, configuring and managing various aspects of the platform,” writes product manager Stewart Fife in a blog post. We’re excited to share […]
  • Microsoft’s New Endeavor Is To Make Email A More Social Experience
    [October 8, 2015] If you’ve ever had to desire to “like” an email, Microsoft has you covered. The company is bringing both “likes” and “mentions” to Outlook email. A thumbs-up button will now grace emails in your inbox, and clicking it will send a notification to the email’s author.
  • Web Bookmarking Has Been Added To Dropbox’s Storage Service
    [August 28, 2015] Dropbox made an interesting announcement on Wednesday in that you can now drag and drop web URLs into Dropbox on the web and desktop and open them on any device.
  • Google Drive Plug-In Now Available On Microsoft Office
    [July 23, 2015] Google announced the launch of the new Google Drive plug-in for Microsoft Office, which lets Office users open their Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents stored in Google Drive and save any changes.
  • Dropbox For Business Provides Greater Support for IT
    [June 11, 2015] Dropbox announced some updates to Dropbox for Business, which should make things a little easier for IT teams in the administration, security, and integration areas.
  • Detailed Look at Google’s Nearline, Their New Cloud Storage
    [May 14, 2015] Google announced the launch of Google Cloud Storage Nearline, a new service for cold (or infrequently accessed) data storage. The company touts its fast performance and low cost. Data is made immediately available with about 3-second response times, and the cost is 1c per GB for data at rest.
  • Fastest Growing Industries & Top Technology Positions
    [April 9, 2015] Trends like big data and mobile media are translating into growing paychecks in 2014 for some professionals, according to Salary Guides from Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group.Moving into 2015 the demand for .Net developers, Systems Administrators, Java Developers, and web developers continues to grow.
  • Google and Microsoft Expand Their Free Storage Offerings
    [February 12, 2015] re you running out of cloud storage? If so, two major providers are giving it away right now. Microsoft is offering 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage for the next two years – and all you have to do is sign up for Bing Rewards.
  • Windows Support Comes to Google Cloud
    [January 15, 2015] Google announced expanded Windows Support for its Cloud Platform. This comes in the form of Microsoft License Mobility, Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition availability, and an optimized version of the Chrome RDP app for Windows.
  • Google Drive Chromecast Support Comes to Chrome OS
    [December 4, 2014] The beauty of Google’s $35 Chromecast streaming device is that the company as well as third parties can keep adding support for additional products and features, which means ultimately it just gets more and more useful.
  • The Problem With Cloud Storage: Deleting Old Material
    [September 25, 2014] Everyone’s so gung-ho about cloud storage being the solution to all your data archive needs, but there’s a dark underbelly to that solution: deleting old material to make space for the new stuff. The problem? Where’s the archive of the older content?
  • Dropbox Pro Receives Brand New Features and Lower Pricepoint
    [August 28, 2014] Dropbox announced that it is now offering a single plan for Dropbox Pro at $9.99 per month for 1 TB of space. Previously, it would have cost $500 per year for half of that space. Now it will cost you about $120 for all of it.
  • Microsoft Has Plans to Offer One Operating System On All Screens
    [August 7, 2014] At some point in the future, Microsoft will offer its users a single operating system experience across all screens, making things a lot easier on application developers. Rather than having to worry about developing apps for Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox all separately, they’ll just be able to develop apps for this singular platform.
  • New Image Features Land on Google Drive
    [July 10, 2014] Google announced the release of two new features for working with images in Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings: the ability to reset an image and the ability to replace an image.
  • Review: Western Digital MyCloud Network Storage
    [June 5, 2014] Local storage is only accessible when you’re in the office or otherwise nearby, and cloud storage has the problem of security: who’s running that storage service and what are they doing with your data? Enter a third category of storage, personal cloud storage, that seeks to offer the best of both worlds. A review of […]
  • Urgent Fix for Internet Explorer: Clandestine Fox Zero Day Exploit
    [May 2, 2014] If you’re running Internet Explorer (MSIE) on your PC, you’ve got a vulnerability that’s dangerous, so dangerous that Microsoft’s poised to release a special system patch. While you’re waiting, here’s how to change the settings on your browser to minimize the risk…
  • New Pricing Plans Are Underway For Google Drive
    [March 27, 2014] Google announced some new storage plans for Google Drive, saying it can now make them more affordable thanks to a number of recent infrastructure improvements. The new pricing is as follows: It used to be $4.99 for the 100GB plan and $49.99 for the 1TB plan. Director of Product Management Scott Johnston writes, “How big […]
  • OneDrive For Business Launched By Microsoft, New Updates Coming To Office 365
    [March 6, 2014] Microsoft announced new updates to the Office 365 platform and the launch of OneDrive for Business the SharePoint conference on Monday.
  • Microsoft One Drive, Title Change After Trademark Dispute
    [February 13, 2014] Microsoft’s cloud storage platform – SkyDrive – got into a trademark dispute last year with European telecom Sky. Instead of fighting for its right to use the SkyDrive name, Microsoft opted to change it. Microsoft announced that SkyDrive will now be known as OneDrive going forward. Much like how the Xbox One’s name indicated that […]
  • You Can Now Keep Track Of Changes To Files And Folders In Google Drive
    [January 16, 2014] Google announced on Tuesday that it’s rolling out a new activity stream feature for Google Drive, enabling users to see all changes made to and actions taken on files and folders. This should be ideal for collaborations, making it easier to see who did what, and when.
  • Microsoft Hopes To Steal Away Gmail Users With New Import Feature On Outlook.com
    [December 18, 2013] Microsoft announced a new feature for Outlook.com aimed at making it easier for users to import their Gmail accounts. As you may know, much of Microsoft’s “Scroogled” efforts have slung mud at Gmail, in hopes of gaining more Outlook.com users.
  • There Is Room For Growth In The Enterprise Sector For Windows Phone
    [November 27, 2013] With BlackBerry now struggling to finance itself while in the midst of a major executive and board transition, Other smartphone brands are now eyeing the lucrative enterprise market that BlackBerry once led.
  • Windows Smartphones Gaining Market Share
    [October 31, 2013] Six years on from the release of the original iPhone, the smartphone market is maturing. Apple is still at the top of the heap, and Samsung is quickly consolidating the Android portion of the market. What’s unclear is exactly which company will take the third spot in the battle for smartphone market share, but new […]