August 20, 2017

Hacker Hoax: Selling Access to PornHub Servers For $1,000

A hacker claims to have already twice sold access to PornHub servers. He is reportedly asking $1,000, but says that if given a premium account by PornHub he will fix the intrusion. All of this on the heels of PornHub’s $25,000 hacking bounty announcement.

The hacker stated in a tweet with a purported image of his server access:

command injection + shell on subdomain + src for sale xmpp :

PornHub responded via Twitter:

I’ll have someone reach out to you soon but it doesn’t seem like access was gained to a production server. Looking into it.

Late yesterday PornHub announced that the entire hacking claim was a hoax:

Another day in the life of Sys Admins! 🙂

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