August 20, 2017

Fastest Growing Industries & Top Technology Positions

April 9, 2015 Glenn Letham

Trends like big data and mobile media are translating into growing paychecks in 2014 for some professionals, according to Salary Guides from Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group.Moving into 2015 the demand for .Net developers, Systems Administrators, Java Developers, and web developers continues to grow.

Windows Support Comes to Google Cloud

January 15, 2015 Chris Crum

Google announced expanded Windows Support for its Cloud Platform. This comes in the form of Microsoft License Mobility, Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Edition availability, and an optimized version of the Chrome RDP app for Windows.

The Problem With Cloud Storage: Deleting Old Material

September 25, 2014 Dave Taylor

Everyone’s so gung-ho about cloud storage being the solution to all your data archive needs, but there’s a dark underbelly to that solution: deleting old material to make space for the new stuff. The problem? Where’s the archive of the older content?

Microsoft Has Plans to Offer One Operating System On All Screens

August 7, 2014 Chris Crum

At some point in the future, Microsoft will offer its users a single operating system experience across all screens, making things a lot easier on application developers. Rather than having to worry about developing apps for Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox all separately, they’ll just be able to develop apps […]

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